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  1. It would be nice. On a side note the young lad we have on loan from you Tavernier looks promising. We got him as cover for buxton at right back but he is a far better right winger. He loves getting forward has good feet and is quick but when he is at rb with a good winger running at him he looks a bit out of his depth
  2. I alawys look out for the toon and buy my grandad every new kit that comes out and cant wait to come back to st james park to watch the wednesday play against you but i fear it may be a few years yet
  3. That fantastic thank you very very much. The 1862 thing would look quality i think.
  4. Hello all I just thought i would ask for some advice. My grandad is a from newcastle and is a massive fan. Unfortunately he is very ill and not strong enough for treatment. So when the time comes and he passes away i want to get a tattoo done so he will always be with me.We are very close and i am the only one in the family that's not a newcastle fan. I have the wednesday badge on my leg and swfc across the back of my neck so i think having the club crest would look odd. Is there anything else that screams nufc or something only newcastle fans would identify as being a nufc tattoo. I have a bit of history with the club as my grandads uncle was sammy weavers who won the fa cup with you in 1933 i think it was. anyway any help would be greatly appreciated thank you UTO FTB WTID