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  1. This post is to make readers aware of this not for profit, free to use road safety scheme. The scheme is being promoted across the country with its 'school road safety' component being promoted in school newsletters with the intention of making the roads safer for our children. Council austerity measures are looking to cut crossing patrols in some areas (at approx 6k per patrol) with many of these positions going at the end of March. Councils have given assurances no patrols in areas of high risk will be sacrificed but regerme feel childrens safety is non negotiable. As we are not for profit, free to use and are providing a free service for everybody I trust we will not be deemed to have broken your posting regulations If you could tell a driver the consequence of their actions could prove catastrophic and as a result make our roads safer would you??? Regerme have provided a FREE to use platform to communicate through the medium of vehicle registration numbers by posting pictures and comments. This innovative altruistic website has road safety for schools, how's my driving and road rage reporting components. Launched last week and already supported by a number of MPs and approved by senior police officers around the country the scheme needs the public as well as media on board to gain further traction. It's FREE, it works and could save lives. What other reason do you need? If you drive the scheme is not something you can opt out of. Search regerme, log on and check your registration. You may have a comment. Thank you