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  1. hmm, ill bear that one in mind - if he does in fact diddle me I may well cry Advice please?!
  2. Right, now for the next piece of help if anyone will oblige - I have managed to find someone who will give me tickets. I am going to a guys house to collect his smartcard for entry to the ground. How do I know Im not gonna fork out money to be given an out of date platinum card etc. Any tips from experienced members or even a photo would be much appreciated
  3. Belfast does indeed have numerous shit holes but i was merely proving a point..... So back to my original point - does anyone have any spare tickets?
  4. I wouldlike to echo the comments of Ant in that Northern Ireland does have the best results in the UK probably because it does not contain such mongoloid shit holes such as consett bringing down englands averages. Is this rhys fruit gonna be at the game
  5. Age: 26 Ethnicity: British / Northern Irish Birthplace: Belfast Job: Retail Manager Favourite Club: Newcastle Favourite Musician: Fleetwood Mac Favourite Food: Indian Favourite Drink: Genius Favourite Place: HOME Favourite Tv Show(s): World's Craziest Fools Favourite Film: Jay and Silent Bob Footballing Heroes: Nobby / phillipe albert Footballing Villains: diouf, roy keane, jamie mcclen Other Teams: not brazil but northern ireland Other Sports: ruggers Role Model: my father Things to do before I die: attend the derby match, follow ni to a major tournament (victory shield maybe?), travel, learn how to breakdance, achieve world peace
  6. Hello my toon friends I am a Northern Irish mag desperate for 2 tickets for the coming game against the scum for myself and my old man. Could someone please tell me if I stand any chance of getting 2 together and what sort of price am i looking at. better than that, if you have nay spare, please PM me details