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  1. Go to http://premchatshow.podomatic.com/ and click on the download link.
  2. Hey lads, We got there in the end. Thanks again for all the help. Here is a link to the show this week with Toon fans. http://TheWorldsTalking.com/category/premchat/ Would love to know what people made of it? Below are the details: ------------------------------------------------------------- Toon fans show ‘True Faith’ in Alan Pardew On the show this week, Dave chats to three dedicated Newcastle United fans who all write for Tyneside’s popular fanzine ‘True Faith’. Guy, Alex and Michael look back at Newcastle’s recent performances in the Premier League and sha
  3. It would be mainly just Newcastle fans, but sure anyone on here who does come on, I would be sure to give the forum a good mention.
  4. We postponed the show for this week and will record it early next week. Should have a few by then.
  5. lads, still looking. We are doing the show tomorrow night, so if there is anyone interested, drop me a mail to TheWorldsTalking@gmail.com. I know there are some guests viewing the forum also.
  6. The way we do the show is mainly through skype, just using the voice function. It makes for good quality (skype is really easy to set up). If somebody does not have skype, it can be done on the phone. It would mainly be a quick 20 mins chat either this evening or tomorrow evening.
  7. Still looking for people, can anyone interested drop me a pm. Cheers.
  8. It will be on TyneFm.com and my own website also. It's different in the sense that it's getting the views from the fans rather than the big name pundits. Yeah I see what you mean by the 'chatty' thing, but hopefully we will get some fans.
  9. Haha love the 'stalking bloke' comment! Usually, we would only feature one club at a time on the show. I don't know how it would go down if we mixed fans!
  10. I think I have already sent a tweet to LeazesMag, I could be wrong though. http://twitter.com/TheWorldsTalkin. It's my latest tweet. Is this the same lad?
  11. Ha, well anyone who has a story to tell would be good. So far we have had Stoke, Sunderland and QPR fans on the show.
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