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  1. I've been member at www.nufc-forum.com for a long time. But as there wasn 't a lot of opinions over there, I wanted a different forum with the interesting transfer period coming up. Real Name: Age: 23 Birthplace: Ronse (Belgium) Whereabouts: Lyon (France), two more months Job: Student Favourite Club: Bruges Favourite Band: Dire Straits, Amy, Moby, Nirvana Favourite Food: Italian + everything my grandma cooks Favourite Drink: Vedett Favourite Place: Vilnius Favourite Tv Show(s): I adored Sopranos and Blackadder Favourite Film: No country for old men Footballing Heroes: Zanetti en Shearer Footballing Villains: Pepe, Marcelo, Nasri and a whole bunch of crappy Belgian First League players whom you don't care about -) Other Teams: Newcastle (pretty intense), Sampdoria (slight interest) Other Sports: Cycling Role Model(s): Plans For The Future: Short run: start my career, see what's outside Europe; Long run: have a family 5 Things To Do Before You Die: As long as i look back and smile during the final seconds i'll be good