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  1. never..... and thanks to your guys this season been a pleasure to watch.. joey barton,,, thanks
  2. sorry i know this is your forum but nearly all the country loves it when they get it stuck up em!!!! some day,, now time for the parade this affy [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1gya4QJO18[/media]
  3. all we need now is another fookin sheik to buy your club,, they had it all for twenty years.. its wrong but look how much it has taken... they were paying 20 odd mil in 2001...veron rio shrek... and now its payback... its hurting em.... we bought the lge...they bought it for years...taggart says we too defensive and then they come and dont have a shot,, he cant even win at mind games anymore...i really do wish you all the luck in the world..to see you barmy bunch travelling europe class..ps have you forgiven your chairman yet. swansea fans singing mancini at the swamp...class
  4. all the best.. hope you keep hold of ya front two been a joy to watch,, now for the lge.. no money could buy my ticket for sunday.. from shrewsbury chester southend bury and macc,,, never forget where weve come from,,cracking days away in lower lge.. but too finish man yernited off and win the lge...i would really really love it just love it...they had it all there own ways for years ..... good luck to you boys,,we all piss in a red and white pot,,,
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