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  1. http://www.redandwhitekop.com/forum/index.php?topic=299388.new#new There you go pal.
  2. You guys complained about being slagged off on RAWK last season, so I doubt answers like this one are very helpful! Not exactly endearing...
  3. To be fair, some of the answers given where a bit crap, but I understand why you'd take offence to some of the replies, some where harsh. Never mind, looks like I'll need to try another forum.
  4. I'd like to think that it'd go down well, we've been criticised a lot this season and so far we've not had too many bad reactions! Am I barking up the wrong tree on this forum? Most other times I've done this with other fans it's gone down well.
  5. Thanks for that piece of stereotyping, appreciate that.
  6. Hi guys, I am a writer at www.Redandwhitekop.com, an independent LFC website, we run a feature before each game called the Spyin' Kop (I've noticed you guys do something similar here). If possible could you answer these questions in as much detail as possible? Thanks in advance. Both our clubs have had problems with owners in recent times, and I know Mike Ashley was a hugely unpopular figure not so long ago? Has the recent success of your side since promotion meant that the ill feeling towards him has somewhat diminished? St James Park? Sports Direct Arena, Wonga etc? What's going on
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