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  1. How will Andy greet Lou? Ah, white light I said, now, goodness knows…Guitar…#LouReed

  2. RT @GaspardWinckler: "One chord is fine. Three chords and you're playing jazz."

  3. I burnt my chicken bastard pie earlier and now I can't find the FUCKING BREAD! Hate it when @Milly_Ratched 'works late' *winks knowingly*

  4. RT @brokenbottleboy: Lou Reed dead at 71. Was I the only one who thought he would just stare death out?

  5. RT @Fretwel: Janan Ganesh. There was a time before #GBBO when this name would not have conjured up images of shiny chocolate cake to me.


    #nufc making things easy for #safc with injuries and suspensions...

  7. Repeat the bit where you were totally out of tune to guarantee exit #XFactor

  8. RT @JohnnyR1Red: “@skytyneandwear: #SAFC midfielder David Vaughan says their squad is too good to go down http://t.co/IIvpFZNzAH” embarrass…

  9. RT @JohnnyR1Red: “@martinhardyindy: 'Lee Cattermole: I nearly quit Sunderland over di Canio,' from today's Independent http://t.co/V5QGjwTU…

  10. When did that stop? The irony is *coughs* there’s very little reason for my continued existence. I stopped being all that. I stopped being.

  11. For millions of animals, your jolly Christmas celebrations are the source of considerable and unnecessary brutality... RIP #RoytheTurkey

  12. You wouldn’t think I’d vacuumed in here today

  13. The mistake I made was thinking people were actually bothered enough to listen awhile. Once you’ve gone you’re dead to them. Get used to it

  14. .@boggenstrovia Thank you Rob. This is good. I like this http://t.co/6UDjND3SDi

  15. Poor people need to stop complaining about heating ALL their poxy little houses. My wife & I have 6 reception, 10 bed & 5 bathrooms to heat!

  16. RT @JohnnyR1Red: Poyet hints at dropping our best player for the good of the team, who on earth could that be, Johnson? #safc

  17. hehehe... now THAT'S funny @LostBoyNUFC180 See, @GrantyNUFC knows he's shit. And I know my punctuation...

  18. I met a turkey called Roy Batty today.

  19. “Pusherman” by Curtis Mayfield is my new jam. ♫ Listen: http://t.co/cqClsOaYqS

  20. What's the law that says you drop your painkillers on the floor when you've put your back out? I need morphine to be able to wipe my arse...

  21. Looking forward to the end of the month when I can start brushing my teeth again.

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