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  1. I have been a long time lurker on these forums and recently decided to join..... I also sometimes read the SMBs boards and quite simply find the difference between our 2 sets of fans (only 13 miles apart) quite staggering. Since they got to Wembley they have been scoring points against each other, people who have tickets are bragging and putting those who didnt manage to get one down, arguing about who are better fans and generally infighting. Their season ticket holders start threads to have a go at non season ticket holders who didn't get a ticket and claim they are better supporters. I thank god I was born in Newcastle. The toon is the toon and if you are one of us we look after our own. Non of this small minded attitude our pathetic friends down the road have. No fan of our club is better than any other and we all recognise this, unlike our unwashed neighbours. Even though this season is not going to plan lets all be grateful to support NUFC, it could be worse, we could be Mackums

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