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  1. Mehdi Abeid

    Mehdi scores again. Two goals in 2 games in the play-offs for the Champions League qualifiers ticket.
  2. Mehdi Abeid

    Well it's probably a combination of both but he's very good at following the play and positioning himself in the right areas. He can basically sniff out goal situations.
  3. Mehdi Abeid

    My bad typo! NUFC, ofcourse.
  4. Mehdi Abeid

    Here you all go! Password: mehdi
  5. Mehdi Abeid

    Well maybe and maybe not. Let's not forget it's the same league that Kecpaia and Dabizas came from. Anyway, in regards to Mehdi, he copped a lot of stick in the begining of the season for ball-hogging, being caught in possesion and not squaring when he should have. He got benched for that and came back stronger. Overall, he's very good tactically and he has good positioning in the opposition goal mouth. His main position has being either as defensive midfield or playmaker (The point of the 4-3-3 system). He's strong on the ball but lacks pace. He also has a tendancy to give away silly fouls. Darrem Ambrose is a Championship striker who's happened to be unlucky in his career with injuries. He did well for Laurie Sanchez' Apollo Athens only to be outdone by match-fixing in the League. A fairish comparisment of the qualiy of the teams in the Greek League (Oympiakos, PAOK, Panathinaikos could stand in the Premiership, another 3-4 teams in the Championship and the rest would probably be League 1 teams)
  6. Mehdi Abeid

    What idiots..I've composed the video from videos I've taken from youtube!!! Anyway, fear not pet!!! I will upload the video in vimeo in private with the password being "mehdi". Patience!
  7. Mehdi Abeid

    Well, If we assume that the Greek Football Superleague is of Championship quality bar a couple teams (Olympiakos, PAOK) + Atromitos and Asteras Tripolis who are half decent then according to how he's progressed as the season has gone I would say he needs another season at Panathinaikos under the tutelage of our excellent coach Yannis Anastasiou. We will play depending on the outcome of the Greek playoffs in either the Champions League qualifiers or in the Group stages of the Europa Cup. I think Mehdi needs to be tested at international level before I can say he will be able to hack the VERY demanding Premiership for a club that has European aspirations, like NFC. I've never seen Dan Gosling play so I can't comment if Mehdi is better or not.
  8. Mehdi Abeid

    Hello Magpies!!! Mehdi Abeid just helped Panathinaikos win the Greek Cup (well he gave away a silly penaty in the Final but we still beat PAOK Salonica 4-1! Here's a video- dedication I made for Mehdi which I would like to share with you. Feel free to ask any questions in regards to Mehdi!! Greetings from Gate 13!!!

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