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  1. Haha I would let you name it myself if I had the authority, and could get a few extra hundred signatures lol. Thank you, every bit helps.
  2. The problem with Blundell Park is it's surrounded by housing, poor parking, so redevelopment is a no go, also not enough income stream at Blundell Park, the proposed development at Peaks Parkway would solve this issue, also we are over 2million in benign debt, which isn't a lot to bigger clubs, but we are also we are currently losing around 200k a year, it's a downward spiral towards going part-time and into oblivion. Community stadiums have been a success for teams like Brighton, Chesterfield, Colchester, Hull City. York City, Boston Utd already have been given the green light to have theres to. All these have increased income streams through various functions - see original post. We originally had plans for a 24,000 seater stadium around 15 years ago when we was in the Championship, which was approved onto the local planning, but this stadium will on a smaller scale 14,000, we could probally get 4,000 away fans alone if we was back in say the Championship, and around 8,000+ home fans, I say this because all the clubs that have had new grounds have seen a significant % rise over the normal average attendances prior to aquiring a new stadium.
  3. Hi there Toon fans Any chance I can get some extra signatures for my club to acquire a new stadium? Only takes a few minutes, we would really appreciate your help. We have been trying for the last 20 years, but setbacks due to location, nimby's, and funding have set us back. This is an official petition made by Grimsby Town Football Club over the last few months, which will be handed into our local council for planning permission. Circa 500 permanent jobs, and 500 temporary construction jobs. For the long term survivability of the club, not only will it help the club, it will help with community projects in Education and Health. Click Link >> http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/north-east-lincolnshire-council-support-for-a-community-stadium-and-leisure-complex-at-peaks-parkway Thank you.
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