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  1. LFC Fan In Peace (again)

    Also: When Rodgers was in charge of LFC, Rafa was at Chelsea. Chelsea fans 'booed' Rafa. The following game we chanted Rafa's name. I know it sounds cheesy, but once a red, always a red.
  2. LFC Fan In Peace (again)

    Hi all, As the title states, I'm a Liverpool fan. And as a 'proper' Liverpool fan, I love Rafa. If I could, I'd have his children. The man is the epitome of class. The things he (and his family) have done for Liverpool and Merseyside has been phenomenal, though rarely acknowledged in the media (because they only like people such as 'Onest 'Arry and Fat Sam). I'm not sure how much you care about Hillsborough, but it means a HUGE deal to us. As it does to Rafa and family, who made such an effort to help out the families during the campaign (including donating £96k to the Hillsborough campaign when he was sacked!). This is another good example of how we feel about him: On a football level, if/when(!!) he gets it right, you will see some breathtaking stuff. He's a pragmatist. He will do what he can do with what he has. Build what he can with the money he has. upgrade as he goes along. But he always tries to put round pegs in round holes, then upgrade the pegs. Whilst at Liverpool, people accused him of being 'power hungry' and wanting too much control. All he ever wanted was the various depts to work as well as they should have (hence the appointment of Segura and Borrell from Barca as our youth team manager/coaches). We were on such an upward trajectory with Rafa in charge, then we got the wrong owners. If you think Ashley is bad, I'm pretty sure he wasn't trying to take loans out against the value of the players! Rafa was the one fighting in our (the fans) corner, but media and the hierarchy have more power and made him out to be the bad guy, leaving us in the relegation zone, on the verge of administration and Hodge in charge. Rafa tried to fight it, and eventually lost. Don't let that happen at Newcastle. I truly believe that if Rafa was our manager when our (latest) takeover happened, we would have won the league. Give him time. You have a Champs League, Europa League, La Liga, FA Cup, etc winning manager in your hands. DON'T LET HIM GO!!! Always liked Newcastle. Even more so with Rafa. YNWA
  3. Liverpool Fan in Peace!

    Thanks for the replies guys. Very much appreciated! I have to say I don't know anyone personally that left, but know that it is true. I watched the game at a pub with an AC Milan fan. He left after 90mins.
  4. Liverpool Fan in Peace!

    Hi all, Liverpool fan in peace (as the title suggests!). I write for a Liverpool site called The Tomkins Times and as a preseason warm up, I am trying to gauge the opinions of fans of others clubs. If you could take a few minutes to answer some questions for an article, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks Krish 1) How did you think the 14/15 season went for you compared to your expectations at the start of the campaign? Where did it go right and/or wrong? 2) What are you hopes/expectations for 15/16 and where do you think you will finish in the league? 3) Do you have full trust in your manager? To play devil's advocate, what would have to go wrong for him to be sacked? 4) It's been an oddly quiet transfer window this summer, but of the business you have done so far, are you happy with the ins and outs? 5) Obviously there is still some time to go, so which player/s would you like to sign, sell and/or which positions strengthened? 6) Speaking of transfers, what was your take on the Raheem Sterling transfer and the way he & his agent forced through the move? 7) What do you make of Liverpool's signings? (Joe Gomez, Adam Bogdan, Danny Ings, James Milner, Nathaniel Clyne, Roberto Firmino and Christian Benteke). 8) Where do you think LFC will finish in the league? 9) Do you want Balotelli? Thanks again for your help.
  5. Hi all, Ant said it would be OK to post on here. I write for a Liverpool website called The Tomkins Times. Each season we do a preview asking fans of other clubs a few questions about their summer and the expectations for the season ahead. If you have time, it’d be great to have your opinion on a few questions (as long or short as you’d like!): How did you feel about your team’s performance last season? What are your expectations for this season in the league and cups? How do you think your summer transfers make you better/worse? Were there any positions/players you wished you had strengthened/signed? Is your manager the right man to take you forward? What are your thoughts on Liverpool and where will we finish? It’d be great to have your opinion and I’m happy to return the favour! Hope to hear from you soon. Krish

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