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  1. I know I've mentioned this before but the My Sports Diary app allows you to download our fixtures to your mobile for free. (It also includes cup games and will update automatically). https://bit.ly/FREE2015-16Fixtures
  2. I have that one ....But prefer JIB JAB for elfing. Seriously if anyone wants to talk apps my fav is the World Series Of Poker (WSOP) one ....Yes its another free app as I'm a tight arse. Play regularly under the player name ToonMad
  3. Fair play about his health concerns now (Hopefully he has fully overcome that as I wouldn't wish ill on anyone) but my questioning is regarding his performances before that. Not sure where you saw him as under rated, I was surprised he was getting into a Man Utd side (As was Roy Keane according to his comments)
  4. Forget the app then .....Lets chat about spelling and how we spell Fletcher? Thats Fletcher NOT Flecther! :-)
  5. Yes (Not really) .....It says he's just about to sign for West Ham
  6. Lets just chat about Fletcher .... Or we can talk about my favourite app ....Morrisons Match and More?
  7. Valencia, West Ham, West Brom, Hull, QPR, Villa all interested
  8. Just been shown the My Sports Diary app that lets you download the Newcastle fixtures to your phone for free! (Amongst other teams and sports?) Not a bad app for free, I was only shown it to get the Newcastle Horse Racing fixtures for this year but you can follow footy fixtures too! Its on the apple store (Sorry don't know if they do an android version) http://bit.ly/MSD_iTunes
  9. Just turned the TV on to watch tonight's FA match between Cambridge & Man Ure and got a glimpse of the future. For Luke Chadwick tonight (Only on the Cambridge bench!!) read Darren Fletcher in 4 years time!! :-)
  10. There seems to be lots of teams interested in signing Darren Fletcher but am I the only one who thinks he doesn't warrant this amount of interest? Yes he's an OK player and yes he may do OK for a few mid to lower teams but he's not a world beater!!
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