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  1. Moving to Newcastle

    Thanks for the quick reply. When I say affordable I'm looking for something 2/3 beds somewhere around 100-130k as it's just for me and wee man when he stays over. Those are two areas that I have looked at. Are there areas around there that would be best avoided particularly for a newcomer to the city.
  2. Moving to Newcastle

    Hello folks first time poster on your forum just looking for a bit of advice on your wonderful city. Basically to cut a long story short I am looking into relocating to Newcastle to be closer to my young son who moved there with his mum recently. I am going to be transferring my job to the borders area and commuting daily. So basically I am looking for info on decent affordable areas to live in the area of the airport for easy commuting onto the A696 or A1. I know this is a strange request on a football forum but any information would be very much appreciated. Thanks Graeme

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