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  1. Not sure how I can post the picture without having to upload it somewhere to get a 'url' to post. However instead here's a picture of me from 1996 when I'd just taken up banging a drum as part of the infamous 'town end band'. I'm the one on the left in the 'BAXI' top.
  2. Evening, actually morning! Not sure what I can do to convince people I'm not Rich the landlord but just a very grateful patron who is grateful for what Rich and his family have done for Preston ale/pub wise over the last five/ten years. They've rescued and transformed two pubs and a music venue into great places for beer, food and music whilst keeping each place's traditional features. The Moorbrook was just another mediocre pub serving middle of the road Thwaites beer to mostly old men. It's now a vibrant yet traditional ale house coupling the old guard with many new regulars includ
  3. Lol, it's thankfully not really a 'hipster' joint due to the number of regulars who frequented the place when it was a traditional Thwaites pub serving mild and best returning when it reopened. It's just a great pub with a great atmosphere doing things a bit different and a lot better than the rest of those in Preston. There's Moorbrook Pilsner, Edlestoff, Paulanher, Stella and Thatchers for the non-bearded amongst you I can walk from the station to the Moorbrook in 15mins and if you're heading to The Adelphi, a wanky student chain pub, you're only five minutes from the MB. Those wa
  4. Popped in the Moorbrook last night. Outside bar is up and running and will serve Blackjack Snake Eyes, Moorbrook Pale & Pilsner, Thatcher's Gold and Stella 4. Inside Sirencraft's Tidal Wave has come on keg tap whilst on cask there are beers from Edinbrew, Badseed, White Rose, Ghost and Pig & Porter breweries. The place usually opens at 12pm but you'll be able to get in from half 11 giving you a chance for a spoons' pint at The Greyfriar on the way if you so wish.
  5. If you head down Deepdale Road to behind HMP Preston there are a few ladies who gather that will service your junk!
  6. Unfortunately not but the landlord can be a bit quackers and on request will give you a large bill. However that you could leave you more outcast than a seagull at an Adam Sandler movie.
  7. That wasn't far off. They sat quietly whilst debating what was worse, the Bullring shopping centre or their (then) shambolic away form. The only real stir was when someone suggested Bovril wasn't served in the away end but the rumour was soon put to bed.
  8. They certainly did a lot better than ours, especially Browne who I still can't fathom what he was doing for that 'header'. The Moorbrook isn't the biggest granted but when Villa brought 5k the couple of hundred that visited were fed and watered promptly and without the help of the new outside bar. Despite my 'advertising' stance I don't actually work there, more help to prop the bar up and clear the lines of beer. I always look for decent ale houses when planning away days (Newcastle is exciting me already!) and would much rather those visiting Preston were given chance to enjoy a pro
  9. Afternoon Geordies, Now last night's reserve match is out the way we can concentrate on the more important matter of Saturday's league game and the events before and after. Any Mags in need of good ale and wood fired pizza before/after our game are warmly invited to Preston's finest pub, The Moorbrook which is now in its third year since being saved from becoming flats. With seven cask pumps and five keg taps The Moorbrook on North Road (PR1 1NR) serves an array of traditional and modern ales from all over the UK and beyond including their own pale ale which is brewed specially by Blackjac
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