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  1. Hi Toon fans, I'm currently working on a documentary series for ITV, looking specifically at racism within football fans. Part of the programme will be looking at how far we've come since the 70s/80s/90s, and how much worse it was back then compared to the modern day. I'd be really keen to hear from any BAME fans that may have attended throughout the 70s/80s/90s despite potential racism from other fans (either home or away). We're really keen to hear any stories, anecdotes or experiences that people may have. Please feel free to either post, or get in touch via PM or email. Thanks! ap@uffproductions.tv
  2. Looking for a Strong-Talking Female NUFC Fan

    Same on my own team's forum these days. Anyone who knows anyone that could be good, please do pass them on/get in touch.
  3. Hi Newcastle fans, I work on Channel 4's The Real Football Fan Show, and we're filming our next episode in London on Thursday evening (31st Jan). We're looking for a strong-talking and knowledgable female Newcastle fan (preferably with the north-east accent) that would be up for coming down and talking to us about transfers (and lack thereof) as the January window closes. The aim of our show is to air the genuine views of fans, and we want to know exactly how you feel about this transfer window, Ashley telling Rafa to spend his own money, etc. With it being a weekly show it's obviously a very tight turnaround and we're hoping to ideally confirm our featured Newcastle fan by the end of today. We pay travel both to and from London, as well as overnight accommodation if needed (most likely will be needed if from Newcastle). Anyone who's interested, or know's somebody that might be ideal, please email ap@uffproductions.tv where we can give you a bit more info. For anyone wondering why we're after a female fan specifically, we try to represent the full range of football fans within our show and currently have a predominantly male lineup for this week. Any male strong-talking and opinionated NUFC fans please also feel free to get in touch as we'll be talking about Newcastle plenty in coming episodes. Thanks for your time and looking forward to hearing from you guys - and good luck tonight! Mods: I did try messaging before posting to check it was okay.

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