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    Hiya NUFC fans, been reading the site since his appointed. Just wanted to say a few things as an outsider.... You won't ever be top 6 and challenge for anything with GR at the helm. Why didn't you appoint a top class proven manager? O'Neil for example? And why is Bramble still at the club in a defence that hasn't improved whatsoever? Roeder had all summer to make Newcastle progress and he has failed you. No defenders, no Shearer replacement either? The way he approached that Man Utd game not so long ago sums Roeder up perfectly. I feel sorry for most of your fans. Even when he had a decent year with us and finished 7th the performances were really poor and not entertaining in the slightest. All the best everyone. You guys deserve some success I just don't think Roeder could deliver it. Not even with Barcelona's team in the SPL. Thanks for reading, WHUFC.

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