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  1. i'm sticking to football mate other people are changing the subject, i'll only change the subject if the board goes dead ok?
  2. name a club lad go ed it isn't hard really
  3. ok.....liverpool club sites know the score, they dont mess with Everton got it? now...you go and tell me why Everton aren't the biggest club on the planet......and then i'll tell you why we are ok?
  4. yeah one of youre beloved 2nd teams ex managers just got a point at home against the biggest club on the planet, i'd expect you to post a picture of him, is that it?
  5. don't fucking post in the topic then yeah?
  6. seriously mate is that all you can come up with?
  7. hahahahahaha...go and have a wank over them you prick
  8. no I signed up to another clubs board to engage with another premier league club member, you're the 'sad cunt' who mentioned a fight, i mention FACTS so go on einstein fucking give me some facts i'm all ears
  9. thought you said 'have a go'? this is too easy
  10. 'decent battle of wits'? seems like I'm the only one around here asking the questions......mr moderator. like I said, play any card, for any club not just newcastle
  11. hit a nerve have I, lol, one scouser against 52,000 geordies. lol.
  12. well any card any club wants to play, be my guest
  13. I think I'm the only one laughing lad, at newcastle utd
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