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  1. Either Allegri or Wenger as caretaker manager. Personally, I think Allegri has got his heart set on succeeding Pochettino at Spurs and apparently he doesn't want to move until the summer. Nah, the time has gone. As PaddockLad said, we did have a few injuries (Shaw, Lindelof, Wan-Bissaka, Pogba, Martial from our starting XI, Lingard, Jones and Bailly from the squad) but that is no excuse when before the season even started it was clear that we needed at least another midfielder and a couple more attacking players. Instead, Herrera went along with Lukaku and Sanchez and all we did was br
  2. Thanks all for the replies. Some great responses and enjoyed reading your favourite memories despite how miserable things are now. I understand the negativity on the takeover front. Football's supposed to be something to cheer you up from the miserable moments of daily life so to have that apathy sucks. Hope you all somehow get rid of Ashley and have something to smile about again.
  3. I'm an admin from Man Utd fan forum RedCafe and we have this feature where I go to other forums, ask some questions and bring the answers back. If any of you could answer some of the questions below it would be much appreciated, thank you. Q01: By the end of his spell at Liverpool, Rafa Benitez was a fan favourite and is still seen as huge figure there. Other than the Championship trophy, he didn’t win anything at Newcastle United but did well despite the lack of investment and is seemingly hugely popular at Newcastle United too. What did you make of his time in charge of Newcastle Uni
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