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  1. If you truly are appalled by the Saudis, why so angry when people speak out against them? Because I sense a lot of anger in here for doing just that. You can do *something* but are evidently very hostile to the very idea of fans voicing any form of opposition. Instead you are reduced to whataboutery, the defense of evil with reference to other evils. This clearly isn’t the club of Sir Bobby, Shearer and Speed anymore. Sad stuff. Bye now.
  2. Hypocricy is the attitude that «it’s wrong when you do it, acceptable when we do it». That pretty nicely sums up Newcastle fans who have been critical of the way clubs like Man City has been run, and the moral character of Mike Ashley, but all of a sudden are totally fine with the Saudi regime. Take a look at yourselves! You lot have already grown into full blown apologetics for Saudi-Arabia. Every criticism levelled at them is met with whataboutism tactics, and critics are immediately branded as ‘mackems’, abused and threatened with «exposure». Pretty dis
  3. What a thoughtful and well-articulated response. Well, at least the Saudi regime picked the right club in their quest for useful idiots.
  4. Keep pretending that your lack of vocal resistance against the Saudi tyranny reflects badly on me. Apparantly, Mike Ashley is the devil reincarnated for using zero hour contracts. A few weeks ago the whole fanbase was raging over his covid19-response. But I guess a theocratic terror state, which executes their subjects simply for holding similar beliefs as yourselves, is just fine. No criticism welcome there. Well, good luck with that. Newcastle fans now have the opportunity to raise their voices, showing that although they support the club and want it to s
  5. Please sign and spread this petition (if you agree with it’s message): http://chng.it/jFkpW82z
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