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  1. I completely agree with that statement but it’s not complete yet - This journey still needs a host of more signatures to become effective. it’s not just about the football club, the investment into the region would have proven invaluable to the north-east and the government
  2. It’s less about asking the PL to engage with us but more about forcing the hands of UK officials to begin an investigation into the EPL takeover process as this whole thing stinks of corruption
  3. We are approaching 45,000 signatures and we are soon to be in the chronicle. We are also trending on Twitter. If we achieve enough signatures, it will be impossible for them to ignore.
  4. A petition has been formed to investigate the EPL on their conduct during the NUFC takeover and it already has 29,000 signatures. The link is ‬ - http://chng.it/rTDVK64f Please sign and share to rule out any corruption against the toon by the EPL
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