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  1. I've been a busy making some fixture lists/wallcharts with the hope of raising some money for Cancer Research. If you want to then check them out here: https://wallcharts360.square.site/shop/Newcastle-United/24
  2. I've always been a fan of wall charts for things like the Euros and World Cup which lead me to a lockdown project to design some... if people wanted to take a look then they can at http://wallcharts360.square.site Only £2 each with free UK delivery. The price basically covers my costs, the aim is to make money for charity so you can also add a donation to Cancer Research if you wish. I'm a type who enjoys planning and keeping track of things so I guess its logical to like wall charts, but then there's also something exciting about filling in the scores in little boxes and f
  3. Here's a poem called 'Toon Army', hopefully you like it. Also check out our 3 free Newcastle wallcharts from www.wallcharts360.com (1 of the 3 designs shown under the poem) "Toon Army" Supermac and Shearer, top strikers we know They guaranteed always to put on a show Tried hard to win trophies, and nearly got there Hard luck and missed chances, they’ve had their share Kev Keegan, he’d ‘love it’ if they beat Man U They nearly did it, he got in a right stew Steve Bruce came from them, he knows the score He’s a true born Geordie right down to the co
  4. Yeah please send the links around! The more the merrier
  5. Hello fellow magpies, I've just created a new startup giving fans FREE football wallcharts. Website is www.wallcharts360.com or you can request a full quality version directly using this Request Form. There are 3 Newcastle designs as well as designs for all other 92 football league clubs. They are totally free, unless you want to make a voluntary donation of which 50% goes to the the partner charity Mind, a worthy cause I am sure you would agree. Cheers, Matthew
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