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  1. Yeah, sorry mate, it was all a bit last-minute... I should be back some time in the spring, so I'll give you a shout then. Make sure you do. I know where the party is
  2. We won 1-0 there. Maybe YOU cused us at SJP
  3. They are great live, seen their show last summer. You may call JK a cockney wanka or whatever, but there are some SERIOUS musicians alongside him. Once you hear their music live, you realize that's the real thing. Listening to their albums isn't so interesting imo...
  4. Meenzer, next time you're around, say something! This photo was taken at partizan stadium a day before our game there in 2003. I was at Toon training, seen the whole thing Great stuff
  5. Man, my legs were shaking long after that. I just couldn't believe that I spoke to Alan Shearer. I also got his autograph, Robbie Elliott's autograph and got photos with Bellamy, Sir Bobby, Solano, Given, Ameobi, Dyer and Woodgate One of the best days ever
  6. Hello Gemmil. You mean 'drugged' as 'gave him drugs'?
  7. 20, eh!?! Yer just a kid I'm 23 and I have kids from the neigbourhood calling me 'mister' or sh!te like that Jut take it easy eh...
  8. Did ya miss me like? That bloke next to me is an ex-footballer of some sort...oh yeah, Alan Shearer is his name HOWAY THE LADS!!!!!!!!!!
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