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  1. department for work and pensions but "divvy wanker plonkers" means the same.
  2. You sound ideal for the dwp
  3. only one i can find has spanish commentary
  4. Anyone play it? Currently on level 32 with 586 supporters Heres my supporter code db89b7 You can get more codes here http://rf.avatarchange.com/code
  5. aye - last one was a hoot
  6. was just about to mention the gospels
  7. and a proper leftback the left back didnt cost us this week, the striker did thats not the point
  8. i visit imdb regularly - enormous amount of info freely available. toontastic ebay http://www.nzbmovieseeker.com/HD/1080p/ plus loads of others in my fastdial extension
  9. bet they change it so that fat mike and dekka sell your players from under you
  10. more u-turns than a pardew press conference
  11. Lazarus

    Audio Programs

    heres the manual - http://download.p4c.philips.com/files/h/ht..._12_dfu_eng.pdf you can adjust the amount of bass graphic equalizer style by the looks of it you can adjust the sound mode, id suggest action/rock make sure surround sound mode is set to multi channel also on page 16 it says you can adjust the audio by pressing HOME_SETTINGS_AUDIO and going in to the speakers setup option but the manual doesnt show what these options are. make sure night mode is off. have a fiddle with those
  12. have a look at the comments on his flicker photos
  13. Lazarus

    Audio Programs

    it's a Phillips Blu Ray Player, got it's on sub and I'm presuming the amp is within. Not sure how to do what you suggest though giz the model please
  14. That's young for a CEO Bet she's a right S*ag. Mind you, I wouldn't fuck it with yours tbh.
  15. Im lonely. Why cant someone just love me? Young man, there's no need to feel down.
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