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  1. you would think so but not in this instance. my line management have simply been incompetent.
  2. aye, been 6 months now. its not unusual for my employer to have had people sick for over a year believe it or not, though pay reduces by 50% after 6 months and to zero after 12. . been paid upto 26 november and my only income now is esa from the jobcentre. not sure of the solution myself - that will be for the judge.
  3. Im still immensely angry about this whole process not to mention frustrated. im going to post the contents of the ET1 form giving the sequence of events minus the names and places. hopefully, this may prove useful to anyone else who finds themselves in a similar position, be them manager or employee. as a few of you know who i work for, please keep this quiet for obvious reasons.
  4. no discrimination tbh. been there since 1994 and i believe management have used my absence to help reduce the headcount, just heard that some lass has also been sacked too my place though dont know the details. just submitted my et1 to the tribunal people yesterday, got my head done in.
  5. my dad told that in the street he grew up in during the fifties that a family up the road kept their horse in the front room of the council house in howdon. they used to open the window and the horse would stick its heed oot
  6. Been on the sick for a while and been sacked . My dismissal letter said targets wernt being met and that an extra burden was placed on colleagues. When i appealed i asked for the evidence of this but they've said the evidence doesn't exist but have upheld the original decision to dismiss me. Ive not been impressed with my union rep and want to take things further.
  7. Ive been wondering if some of the players might 'burn out' before the end of the season due to sheer effort. Our physios and fitness and conditioning coaches will be very busy id imagine.
  8. american horror story seriously fucked up and posibly the best thing on tv at the mo. dont ask me what its about though - i havnt a clue.
  9. dont sign anything and you might wanna start keeping a diary of the shit she does to you - as said, you may have a case for constructive dismissal. speak to acas asap.
  10. id really recommend that anyone reads the comics of the walking dead, some horrible, horrible stuff in them that the series wont go anywhere near. anyway - have a look on the piratebay......
  11. americn horror story if a tv show could ever be described as 'deviant' - this is it.
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