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    Lurked here for age's but rarely posted. Anyway, cannot stand Gypo's, so thought i'd pass on my experience of them. A few years ago me, the missus and son went to Legoland and stayed at the Marriott Hotel in Slough. There is a carvery type pub over the road where we went for Sunday lunch. We sat outside for a drink afterwards when three generations of Gypo's turns up but just women and kids. Grandparents, mothers and scruffy little kids. They sat next to us and immediately started verbally abusing us looking for a bite. Fuckin
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    Thats looks and sounds a lovely site however for next weekend I need one within 15 miles of flamingoland as thats where we are taking the bairns on the Sunday. Any suggestions welcome. Re the electric hook up, what do you actually use it for? Do you take a telly with you???? Will 20 miles away do? Been here http://www.goldensquarecaravanpark.com/ 3 times and it's a great site.
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    Console Repairs

    Cosole Doctor, Ouseburn, Byker. Got a Wii repaired there once. Google them for details, they'll give you a quote first.
  4. registered with Toontastic last night, feel sick tonight. Ramage set the tone for the game tonight with his shit clearance which lead to the cross for the first goal.
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