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  1. Some may have seen on my FB, but I asked a lad I used to do my Milan trips with about Tonali Oh man..., like a Ac Milan supporter I'm not happy at All cause to me... (my personal view of football) Sandro Tonali, will be the best midfielder of the next ten years. IN the other hand I'm happy he choose Newcastle... Nice city, amazing people and quality of life. Enjoy this guy, I will see a great footballer... Forza Sandro... Come on Geordies...
  2. 100% I mean I just started here and then I listened to the Tale of Jenny & Screatch. So on and so on. Then I came across his busking stuff, the I shot the sherrif / hip hop damn is outstanding. Then his work with Chinchilla. Agree some is very heavy (recent track, Suicide) more so when you know his back-story. Cant wait to see where he goes next,
  3. I mean, I could go on and on about this lad. Outstanding talent, not usually my kinda music but and outstanding musician (vocal, guitar, and writer). Enjoyed my journey down his rabbit-hole
  4. Well that was far too simple 😅
  5. also, remind me how to insert a youtube link from a url...
  6. Can't be arsed to search, but anyone else following Ren?
  7. I forgot about this thread (how did I forget about this thread)
  8. JawD


    I add running when dropping bf% a bit, short bursts, usually 3-4 x 30mins (3 mile ish). Knackered knees, achy hip. #old
  9. JawD


    Train it is ! 🤣
  10. I got my younger two the shirt and their badge looks like that. Though I'm convinced its the font on the top of the N and the join of nearby T. Could do with being cleaner. My eldest is in to Adult Medium and seem sold out all over. Been a while since it was like this!
  11. Couple thoughts on this. NUFC have said a few times (see recent Athletic article) that they only want to pursue players that want to be at the club. The don't want to be played off against other teams and so on. So, if he indicates he wants to move south then the club would drop him as an idea like a hot stone. Or it could be lazy reporting based on previous info. Could also be an agent trying to get us to increase our offer to him (wages) to bend his arm and so on. All in all, so many moving parts on transfers and who wants who to hear what. It's hard to ignore as you want to hear who we're linked too, but so many mind games go on around transfers.
  12. JawD


    Alreet I know I know, I only pop in when I want something.... Anyway, anyone any suggestions for away travel? I've used Toon Travel in the past (last season) but they are fully booked (looking for Rangers away), someone suggested Shambles, but struggling to get a response from them. Train might be an option but would prefer coach. Cheers
  13. If NUFC are sold, how the fuck are we going to line the streets 2M apart?
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