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  1. If NUFC are sold, how the fuck are we going to line the streets 2M apart?
  2. Aye there will be a strategic reason for this, nothing to do with having funds available. Linking it to the money the club owe MA seems logical, but also read about something to do with Barclays and PCP. Either way, something has progressed.
  3. JawD

    Hey you guys

    I'd say it was quality not quantity but my posts are shit as well
  4. Warzone, Ps4 and free. Decent game, better with mates in a group. Was trios but they've upped it to quads today.
  5. What has amused me most about returning here after some while away, is there same fucking threads are still alive and kicking
  6. Little Jo. Flower about a dodgy plant. It was actually canny in a modern, invasion of the body snatchers kind of way. Slow pace with eastern dramatic overtones.
  7. JawD

    Hey you guys

    Just seemed apt, see you in two years!
  8. Not so confident at the min. Hopefully Gayle will be fine for it. Can see us grabbing one and they have a few injury issues. 1-1.
  9. JawD


    Seriously WTF? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3208776/Sunderland-striker-Jermain-Defoe-lookout-executive-personal-assistant-posts-advert-offering-60-000-year.html He taking the piss or what? How about stop being such a tart and sort your own shit out
  10. Was 16-17 when I started going to town. Central Park, Dobsons, Bar 42 (hard to get in sometimes) with mates. Thats when I was on £40 a week and gave my Dad £10. Later on started added on Madisons (shit). Didnt take long though before I was going to the Mayfair & Broken Doll on some nights and Walkers on others (total polar opposites).
  11. Just booked that "Peace & Loaf" in Jesmond for tonight. Not been before but meant to be canny.
  12. I went to the odd game in the late 80's with mates. Never got to do the "with my Dad" thing as he worked most weekends. I'm not even sure what the first game was. The first games I can actually remember seeing were my Dad playing sunday league or a trip up to Edinburgh when I took in Hibs v Airdrie. I joined the TA after I left school so that took my weekends next so again never got to go. I'd probably seen only 20 games at SJP before leaving the TA and then getting a season ticket. Had the season ticket something like 19 years until giving it up recently. I say because the kids came along and that is partly true but MA made it a much easier decision than it should have been. Hardly missed a home game in those 19 years though only done about 2 away each year. Ive started going again with my eldest now but only a handful of games. My next game will be the home cup tie for example. So Ive probably done 400-450. Ish. The highlight in that time was Inter away. Not just for the game but the craic over the whole few days on the drink over there.
  13. We were really shite last season but think Carver and injuries made us worse than the team actually is, but only a bit. I'm hoping a new manager with more ideas plus the new coaching team has lifted them. That plus having players like De Jong back and getting more from Sissoko and Colo and then adding the three new players should have us mid table but think their 8th target is still a bit off unless they add a few more before the window closes.
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