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  1. i have faith in souness being manager for a while yet as well... cant see FS giving him all this money then off loading him straight away. got to remember that we have played arsenal and man ure in two of the four games so far... and in both those games we matched them for the majority of the time. bolton and west ham we just lacked firepower which we now have resolved. itll all come good soon enough (hopefully at the fulham game cause ive got a ticket)
  2. would love to see him back here, even if it was on loan during the january window. playing against 18year olds in spain wont be doing him any favours, so unless he is going to walk straight into the real 1st team (doubtful when they have just bought ramos for 18mil) it would be a good move for him. i think our central defence would be the strongest weve ever had if we added him to the list... boum, taylor, woody, bramble.
  3. personally... if owen is def coming back to the prem i would rather he played for us... the amount of goals he has scored against us makes me damn sure i dont want him to be lining up for the opposition. im a fan of cisse as well and would welcome him into our team quite happily... however i cant see us buying him and liverpool buying owen in the allocated time.
  4. would take him in a heartbeat. anything less than bout 12mil would be a bargin i think.