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  1. think she got a bit anoyed at being sidelined by ITV for thw World Cup. still hoping to see her wandering around TV Centre in London.
  2. any one watch that footage of Solano in that band on that 2nd link?
  3. bollox, should've won and have lost out on £40.
  4. solano free kick off the wall. Rennie's gone card-mad...against West Ham. Harewood kicked Solano, got a yellow.
  5. Should never have got rid tbh. you joking? he was terrible. Well had he scored for us today instead of CHarlton, we'd be winning, FACT. bit of a tenuous theory there....if he had been still at Newcastle, he would be injured therefore not playing
  6. Should never have got rid tbh. you joking? he was terrible.
  7. Bloody hell, Amdy Faye's scored.....Charlton's actually winning.
  8. looks like Given's knackered his knee Harper may be on
  9. c'mon, just one more goal and i win £40.....already won £20 from the win against spurs.
  10. what's going on?!?! Rennie actually giving decsions Newcastle's way!
  11. sounds like what happened against Brum widweek with the first goal. a player offside and obstructing the 'keeper. although there wasn't much mention of that at the time. odds on now Newcastle will be slated for getting the goal.
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