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  1. Toon set to miss out on another top striker..

    it is well documented that Sourness and Owen had a fall out during the aftermath of a sky commentary dinner season before last. Its going to be a bigger problem for you now as Liverpool are clearly in waiting judging by what has just appeared on Skynews. I dont think for aminute lfc will pay anywyhere 16-18m quid for him. It is clear that is where he is heading. |NUFC options up front are ridiculously short. There is not many Championship strikers that will fill the gap. There is certainly no Premiership strikers available. Looking abroad all the top clubs are now waiting for the Champs League to begin. IMO NUFC have these options Beattie - everton Jeffers - charlton Kuqi* - blackburn Earnshaw - wba Bothroyd - free/no team Other than that NUFC are going to have to pay seriously big money and would the board sanction any sourness big transfer fee ? At this time NO they bloody well wont.
  2. Toon set to miss out on another top striker..

    hello Mags BRfC fan here, I fully sympahtise with your current situation. Before I go on, your plight mirrors our situation at the start of last season. 6 Games in an no points. However NUFC supporters, do not despair. I have a soft affliction for the barcodes and your supporters are probably the most friendliest that ever come to Blackburn. I predict a way out of your current situation but for the time being it will be painful. Your pain will accede by the 16th September 05. This is the date that your new messiah or hate figure as he probably better described, will be despatched from the halls of The Milburn stadium. This is after the 6th defeat on the bounce as NUFC lose a close game at Ewood by 3 goals to 0. Lads, I am not gloating and I am not for one suggesting that our little club is better or bigger than yours. It is written in the stars for everyone who suffered at the start of last season under the reign of Sourness. He spent all our money, nae wasted it more like and then he dragged us down. He is doing the same with your club. This is how the game will pan out, or the week more like. Early afternoon entertainment around the pubs as the geordie boys enjoy a drink like in our local hostelries. Its a grand old laugh between two sets of amiable supporters. thye talk is about the last ever game Mr Shearer will play at his old haunt and the fact that you have a manager with a previous link to BRFC.. The kick off. A 29000 crowd (the biggest at Ewood) is treated to an all action display from both teams who refuse to hold back. 0-0 half time with chances at a premium. Enter Bellamy, fans favourite of most NUFC fans and the new darling of the Blackburn End. Irony takes over as within minutes he despatches a goal from a Pederson cross. 2 minutes later its 2-0 as Savage sends Given the wrong way from the spot. A 3rd goal quickly arrives and Pedesron sends Mr Shearer away from Ewood with the most fantastic standing ovation ever seen at Ewood. Back in the pubs post match ready for the 4pm Sky game, both sets of fans revel in the thought that come Monday morning a hurriedly arranged press conference in the Newcastle arena sees FFS send Sourness spinning into obscurity with the sack, he takes his merry men with him. Thank you and good night. Then begins a new era at NUFC. A bright new world. O'Leary? Allardyce ? Shearer ? Robson and Shearer ? The Geordie Dancer ? Who ever takes the reigns will take your club back up the league a la Blackburn. The season may see you finish 15th or so but you will survive. I hope so as it guarantees Rovers an 8k away fans sell out and gives me and my mates a right royal piss up in the Quayside ! Good luck my fellow footie supporters. Live in hope and do not despair. Your pain and suffering may just be over in a little over 20 days. oh by the way Owen for Sourness ? give us abreak he hates him. £450k gets you a better striker thatn Jay Bothroyd who I believe may be about to sign for you on loan. Now then where do I remember that one from ? good luck lads and lassies

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