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  1. Ok, Fair Doo's... Who Voted Celtic?? Good On Ye's!
  2. Who Voted Hearts??
  3. If You've Been Watching The Scottish League Recently You Will Know That Its Quite Exciting At The Moment 22051[/snapback] Not from a Livi fans point of view, its just as depressing in that league as it is here... 22054[/snapback] Livi Are Pretty Crap At The Moment.....But Saying That.....So Are Rangers
  4. Was Any Of You At The Newcastle V Man U Game because i found this on another site "Did anyone watch the Newcastle v Man United yesterday, if so could you tell me if Newcastle were singing Celtic songs including 'Im nae a billy im a tim' and they started chanting 'We Hate the rangers'. Its just i didnt think Newcastle had any affection towards Celtic or are my ears deceiving me or am I just being stupid and hearing same tune different lyrics."
  5. If You've Been Watching The Scottish League Recently You Will Know That Its Quite Exciting At The Moment
  6. And who would "OTHER" BE?? 22002[/snapback] St. Mirren purely because my mate supports them. 22026[/snapback] Lol! St. Mirren
  7. And who would "OTHER" BE??
  8. I Think He'll Last A While.. Some People Wanted Him Out (he wasnt even through the front door). But He's Starting To Get His Act Together Now So Its Looking Good
  9. Hullo To U Too! Hail Hail
  10. OOOOOOOOOKKKK..................this is weird
  11. Not Good I Suppose?? HIM????? Where Did You Get That From?
  12. No Bad I Suppose, No Bad. Rangers 0-3 Hibs Dunfermline 0-4 Celtic Says It All Really! Hows It Going For You's??
  13. Some One From This Site Was On A Celtic Forum And His Sig Had This Website NAme On It!
  14. LoL! Yeh Rite Hail Hail
  15. Aw Rite Folks?