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  1. SloughSmog = One of the younger lads on here who wasn't interested in post count one little bit.
  2. Hearts = Born near the stadium so always followed their fortunes. St-Etienne = Officially the best supporters in the world. Went to one of their matches in April and it was the best atmosphere I've ever experienced.
  3. Guivarc'hA69 = Spanish Guivarc'h obsessive with a knack of producing great wallpapers.
  4. MackemBird = He am sarcastic. GG-SAFC = Inverness Caley nut who makes frequent raids to the Stadium of Light from the Scottish Borders.
  5. DaneRug = Scandinavian superfan who arranges 5-a-side competitions.
  6. What did Lassie say to Skippy the Bush Kangaroo? Woof woof.
  7. Once we get to 10, we should sticky the "Ten Toontastic Commandments".
  8. Can I please be the first to mention the 5 Commandments of Toontastic. 1) Thou shalt remember that Vitor Baia doth wear number 99. 2) Thou shalt not forget that Hugo Viana is a defensive-midfielder. 3) Thou shalt be aware that Gaizka Mendieta is, indeed, a Champions League winner. 4) Thou shalt know the Falklands War took place at the end of the 1970s. 5) Thou shalt be made aware that there's is a weekly Press Conference every Friday at 3.30pm. Any I've missed out?
  9. Good work! This is more like it.
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