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  1. Could be as good as either level on goal difference with 17th place or as bad as 8 points adrift by Tuesday night. Hopefully Watford’s shit form continues.
  2. I’ve just earned a ‘Reacting Well’ badge, I’ll be printing that off and sticking it on the monitor.
  3. Would be looking at Aaron Hickey from Bologna. Was linked to Villa before they got Digne, can play both full-back positions…only a matter of time before he gets a big move.
  4. Just seeing him standing over a free-kick or corner would bring back so much optimism.
  5. Because there's nowt I can do about it and I've no interest in running or investing in a football club.
  6. Is that the only line people have if you don't think the NUST will be a success, "well why don't you do something about it"?
  7. Give over man. It's funny cos i said the same thing over on N-O yesterday. Great minds.... I love how being sceptical or against a potential new investor makes you "pro Ashley" and "worse than a Mackem". I remember seeing a snippet from the NUST a few months back saying they were a bit sceptical about Barry Moat's credentials. Does this make them pro-Ashley? Bollocks man.
  8. It's more a criticism of the NUST than defending Ashley. Like I say, I want him out, and agree with the idea in principle, but they need better people running it without pathetic little digs like that and using "hearsay".
  9. http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/nufc/newcas...72703-22755062/
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