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  1. My old PC was a medion and it was fucking mint.
  2. You could live in Northumberland. Beautiful.
  3. Christ, what a blatant bastard copy of that riff!
  4. The one he plays 'bass' too>? Gary Numan - Music For Chameleons
  5. I agree. I'll post my comments tomorrow, when I'm not so fucked, but well said.
  6. You know when you're fucked when the oppossition score, and the majority of the fans start laughing at the state of our club. I honestly witnessed thousands walking out of the ground, shaking their heads and laughing 'Christ, we're fucking shit'. I did it too. Nervous laughter? It's either that, or we just deep down expected it.
  7. He's a fucking idiot. He needs to go. Seriously. Is there any logical way we can get this fat fucker out. How about if everyone in the stadium and the forums donated 50 pounds, we'd raise enough money, give it to someone who cares, buy the shares, and appoint a new manager. Easy
  8. Sorry for the post, I'm well knackered.
  9. Just pointing out that sacking Bobby Robson, without a decent manager to replace him, was totally the right decision from Shepherd. For every manager he sacks he gets a point, a pie, and a pat on the back.
  10. Shepherd United 2 -------- Bobby Rovers 0 Graeme Souness 2004 Glenn Roeder 2006 Pat on back Shepherd.
  11. Well I'm going to Sheff United away on Sat, but that will be the last of the money I'm wasting on those sacks of shites this season.
  12. Bye! Parker, Carr, Babayaro, Bramble, Ramage, Luque, Sibierski, Dyer, Moore, Bernard. Plenty more where that came from aswell.
  13. Thought Duff was one of the better players. Horrible waste of money, and a horrible day out,again.
  14. That was awful. Carr needs shooting, Parker needs dropping and Roeder needs sacking. Miner should've started on the right, Nobby at right back. Duff was decent today.
  15. Unlike he was to me in the gate the other night when he was pissed as a fart. I bet he loves getting annoyed by a pissed, angry fan
  16. .....its almost like he's got verbal diarrohea... Alternatively, it's almost like the newspapers are printing rumours with no actual relevent quotes and people are assuming it's from the horse's mouth. Correct. To add further, how can he 'sign' anyone in March?
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