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  1. For some reason, Amazon doesn't stock the sequeal. It links me to an amercian seller
  2. I hope so, I'll definatly be there.
  3. I used to be an early bird, but now I think I'm about average tbh. Go to sleep around 1am, awake by about 9. In my perfect world, I'd go to sleep about 4am, and I'd be up for about 11am.
  4. Aye, I knew Garmouth was a made-up name, due to some of historical inaccuracy in his book, he didn't want to call it Tynemouth, just incase of saddo's writing to him, putting him right. There is a quite wooded area, a few hundred yards from my house, although, the train tracks run right through it (only one train runs on it, once a week), I was thinking maybe that was it. I know I live directly ontop of West Chirton farm like.
  5. No, they never were. Nothing to do with our ability to bring them through. Just not good enough, any of them. And I'm sure you've seen plenty of them aye? How much have you actually seen of Edgar and Hunts? 5 games for Edgar, double that for Hunts? At such a young age, you'd think the learning curve, especially for a defender, would take longer than that. I've seen enough over the last two years, to show me they are very capable, no matter how many people will write them off, in their first few games.
  6. In the Robert Westall classic, 'The Machine Gunners', they find the machine gun in West/ Chirton woods. I live in West Chirton, have done for twenty years, and I've never heard anyone mention the Chirton woods. I appreciate the book was set in the war, but does anyone remember, or know if there is a wood? Or was it just a throwaway setting, in a otherwise spot on geographical representation of Shields, Wallsend, Tynemouth etc..? Sorry for the ridiculous request...
  7. Glad Hunts has got a new contract. He is a decent, and will be become a good centre half. Hope Edgar gets an extension as well.
  8. Fuck me, good job I'm leasing the property I'm In now to my bro, always a route back hyem.
  9. Wor lass has just got us a place in Thropton Move in eight weeks. Am I a farmer or something now?
  10. I'm on holiday at the mo, so It's all good. Then I'm handing in my notice.
  11. Emre- I hate blacks, paks, jews and queers. S Club 7
  12. Can't wait until my birthday mate Ahem - THIS thread is all about Baggio, man - can you not even manage to control your incessant ego just for one thread? Once again, Happy Birthday Baggio!!! I hope you realise my post was in jest, for you only. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAGGIO
  13. Can't wait until my birthday mate
  14. I'm shit when it comes to amps. Recently went for the Spider 212 Line 6 amp, simply cos' I needed several different types of sounds. Anyone played the Banjo btw? Was thinking about investing tbh
  15. Been playing guitar/bass since I was about 14. I've never cared about the quality of guitars to be honest. Used to play standard strats, and teles. Used to to use Hohner Bass's, and Mexican p-bass. To be honest, the average person in the audience didn't know how expensive they were. They probably wouldn't know the difference in sound quality. Only fellow musicians would know the difference.
  16. I'd fuck her like. Up the shitter annal.
  17. Thin is with Eldon is that you have to use those bloody big tennis balls instead of a proper ball. Ideally the soccerdome, but it's a bit of a treck. Next best is the stadium I reckon. Those are proper 5-a-side balls though. You coming up Ben?
  18. Sorry mate, just bought a Mexican P-bass, otherwise I would've.
  19. Aye, I fancy it. I'll come with you mate. Shall i pick you up?
  20. He's correct though,he's been equal, if not better than Nugent this season.
  21. Just me like, but I think Gooch has done well, bar today, given the circumstances. Which successful centre half pairing changes every fucking week? Gooch has been in and out of the team, due to the UEFA cup clause. Gooch, since he has arrived, has been playing in a disjointed team, playing with a different central partner, well, basically, a different fucking back four every game. Some factors you have to consider, really.
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