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  1. Big Club Arent You !

    all you swearing and insulting is giving "brfc" a field day,
  2. Big Club Arent You !

    well technically Mccarthys fee was undisclosed, i just put down what the rumour was! sorry
  3. Big Club Arent You !

    i personally think he is great, if you look at who he has bought, samba= £400,000 Nelson= Zilch Santa cruz= £3.4 m Mccarthy= £1.8m (18 prem goals last season) Bentley= £400,000 there may be more but thats amazing buying! although tactically he can be a bit slow at times leaving a change too late, but i would be gutted if he went so that says it really
  4. Big Club Arent You !

    right i didnt come on here to laugh or mock your team, im hear to see what the newcastle fans think of hughes thats all, not bothered wat we won n wat youve won!
  5. Big Club Arent You !

    erm well we have been to a few semi finals in the last few years, if my memory serves me right 2 in the F.A cup and 1 in the league cup. ye we wont get 52k fans on but will you get 74k like utd, probably not but is anyone bothered no. ohh and btw isyour vocabulary quite small, you just seem to swear alot??
  6. Big Club Arent You !

    ye he has come on and started gobbing off abit, all these cups mean nothing, we have had better sucsess in the last 15 years, but any how, i admit you are a big club, you have the money thet fans the stadium just the quality footballing team to go with it. what do you all think of shearer and keagan as his assisstant?
  7. Big Club Arent You !

    no thats not true when did he say he wanted to leave to you?? not being funny but who ever goes to you will have shearer over their sholder waiting for him to be ready to take over, unless it is shearer of course. bit harsh! but of a town of 100,000 people to get 20,000 on is good as its a 5th of the town going to the football! wow 6-0 i didnt think it had got that bad!
  8. Hughes?

    im sooooooo glad you all hate hime because he is the most up and coming manager in england! you need a mangager and leave him to do what he wants for atleast 3 years!! dnt expect too much as your not a massive competition winning club. but im glad dnt want hughes

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