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  1. Its obvious that he will get booed by the whole travelling support tonight and im sure it will make him even more determined to play better but one slight worry i would have is a red card for Parker because his physical style of play will always leave the threat of getting 2 yellows in a match, especially against his old club. what do you think? Im pretty confident he will have another blinder but just a little worried about that he might get carded.
  2. Villa determined to sign Milner

    if the new manager sells Milner in the summer it would be the biggest crime ever, we need to hold onto him. We would be able to rotate Milner and Solano next season. Solano was Villas player of the season last year and it looks as though Milner is going to be their player of the season this year. Wouldnt it just be so great if we had Solano and Milner next season I would imagine that the Villa fans would feel sick if we had them both and it likes we will have them both next season as our next manager would be very foolish to get rid of such a good young prospect whos already maturing in this league

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