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  1. The Disgrace that are Newcastle Online

    I registered on here the same time as N-O actually you cock knocker! And I banned you for abusing Wacky's bairns you tit. No you threatened to, yet calling GM a fat cunt was the straw that broke the camels back. Go on, admit it.
  2. The Disgrace that are Newcastle Online

    As much as I think Stevie is a right nob jockey I'm with him on this one. Get this, he probably wants to be able to read the forum because there's some interesting posters on there, and it honesty it gets a bit quiet on here. I think his issues with the place, and they are quite valid, is that there's a bunch of snot-nose southern cyber-geek specky greasy sweaty cunts who are creaming from the cock at the prospect of lashing out a ban to somebody who is usually acting perfectly reasonable or under provocation. Get a fucking life, you fucking no-hopers. You can tell Jonny2J came from over there too, because you used to be able to take the piss on here a bit for a laugh, and the silly twat banned me for abusing one of N-O's posters! What a fucking bunch of gimps, and that's the admins of Newcastle-Online, not the entire board.

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