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  1. Kevin Keegan Resigns as manager

    Why do you think Keegan got the job in the first place? Maybe I put it across wrong. Obviously you would think he brought KK in as he realised what he means up here and the effect it would have; though the cynicals would say that it was a clever ploy to flog some merchandise, season tickets and generally make the club a more attractive proposition should he come to sell (if indeed wants to sell but thats another thread!). I would hope it is the first line of thought though... Im just wondering that If Keegan goes (god forbid) then the feelings of hate towards him are immense and I wonder how he would react....
  2. Kevin Keegan Resigns as manager

    Is there seriously gonna be anyway back for Ashley after this? Whether KK stays or not..... And do you think he gives a toss what the fans think??

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