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  1. Kevin Keegan Resigns as manager

    Get a grip you fool. That's life. You win some you lose some. I am sure the youngsters will get over it.
  2. Kevin Keegan Resigns as manager

    Can't see any improvement for the Toon. I take it you have dropped the 'army' out of the Toon now?
  3. Kevin Keegan Resigns as manager

    Hello you Geordies. All of the non Geordies in the land new Keegan would be a dead loss, that childish petulance to his character should tell you he does not have what it takes to be a fine leader of men. He has already had one crack of the whip. What fool decided to give him a second chance? King Kevin, I think not. Over the passed few days Newcastle united have been the laughing stock. One minute he is on his bike. The next he is staying. All Newcastle United have done is show the world what a half cock, incompetant out fit they are trying to run on the Tyne. But putting that aside, even if you manage to attract a half decent manager, you won't be winning any silverware, just like last season and the season before.........

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