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  1. Far Cry 2

    Had the makings to be a great game but i just couldn't get in to it.
  2. Todays Rangers link - Pedro Mendes

    Not as well as alot of Rangers will tell you. His goal against Celtic has managed to deflect alot of critism away from him. I expected a lot more from him as he's only managed to shine in a handful of games... Most of which were the games when he first joined. Though in fairness a lot of that may be down to who he is playing with in midfield... his form coincidently dipped when Ferguson came back in to the team. When he had Thomson in beside him he was given a lead role to get the ball moving... He was the creative spark and Thomson was our dig and drive. Now that Ferguson is in there we have 2 players who are very similar, in effect canceling each other out. Rather than 2 midfielders having a good game its 1 or the other, or at worst both play crap. Hence why alot of Rangers fan are desperate for Newcastle to take Ferguson
  3. Todays Rangers link - Pedro Mendes

    Can't see this transfer happening, incredibly poor journalism. Rangers are not having a fire sale... Murray has obviously been misquoted as Rangers are not looking to cut down their wage bill by selling our best players. Walter Smith has indeed been instructed to lower the wage bill in reference to our relevantly large squad(28 first team players) We have a lot of dead wood in that 28 players that we need to move on. The likes of Darcheville, McCulloch, Adam, Hemdani, Burke, Gow, Beasley and so on... Several of those players are on hefty wages that we can't afford to pay for them. Unfortunately there is a possibility our best players could go(see Cuellar, Cousin snd Hutton). But they will not as cheap as the papers are indicating! We were in the same financial situation when we signed Mendes for 3million so why would we sell him for half of that... We're not going to let 1 of our best players leave on loan either it's either money or GTFO. Also one last thing this "journalist" hasn't bothered to take into consideration is a certain UEFA ruling... Players cannot play for more than 2 clubs in a single season. If i'm not mistaken Mendes played for Portsmouth in this seasons Charity shield?

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