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  1. If I am that much of a WUM how have The Times picked up on it? link:
  2. Think that you like, I wouldn't wind up fellow Geordies like. You'll see once they're in the yellow and white of Newcastle!
  3. Have to admit I didn't pick up on that 75k a week bit.. But yeah, the rest of it seems to fit nicely. Watch this space.
  4. I know it's nothing 'official', but this has popped up at an Arsenal forum this afternoon http://www.goonersworld.co.uk/forum/viewto...f=7&t=11626
  5. Expecting a press release any time in the next 12/24 hours.
  6. No chance mate they've got both massive futures at Arsenal. Like I said, they won't be in the manager's plans before christmas, probably for the entire season, and Wenger doesnt want them sitting in the reserves. Im expecting a phone call of my mate tonight so I will keep you posted.
  7. That's apparently the problem. Wenger doesn't see him playing too often before christmas (my mate says they're after a big name striker themselves) and so wants to get him some regular first team football but doesnt want to strengthen a rival from the premiership.. hence newcastle. But Vela thinks he should be a regular right away this season. Shouldnt forget that the've got adebayor, van persie, bendtner, eduardo, arshavin all above vela in the pecking order atm.. Would be a crackin deal for us like.
  8. Listen, you don't have to believe me but my mate has told me a few things recently about Arsenal and 'cos this one involved us I thought I would share it! I'll come back once I hear some more..
  9. Source A friend who went to university for me now works for Arsenal in the web department at the Emirates. He went to University for you? doesn't sound like a trust-worthy fellow, I think I'll take my business elsewhere. Sorry mate, I meant 'to' university with me! UCL, by the way
  10. Source A friend who went to university for me now works for Arsenal in the web department at the Emirates.
  11. ..they're giving us Wilshire and Vela on loan next season. Wilshire will be a season long loan and Vela will be on loan until January. Neither will have permanent deal clauses, but beggars can't be choosers. Bassong will go for about 4m, it's all been agreed and apparently it's just down to Vela to decide whether he wants to spend half a season with us. If not they may add a bit extra cash. You heard it here first.
  12. Heartbroken here. All my friends on Facebook are taking the piss, I am just sitting here staring into space, I can't believe it. What've we got to look forward to now? Losing our best players Duffer, Martins, Bassong etc, trips to Scunthorpe, Swansea et al. I don't think we'll bounce right back up. Crying here.
  13. The concerning thing for me is that our advantageous goal difference over the rest could disappear come the weekend after we've played Liverpool..
  14. rite lads, seems that this is gathering momentum. Apparently was in the late edition of one of the rags down on merseyside that us, pompey and spurs are interested in him for about £6m.
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