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  1. Stevie.... I remember when yee said shearer wasnt worth 15m
  2. They work until it starts downloading then it brings up an error message
  3. I wanna see the full game again but cant find any doonloads anywhere!!!
  4. Stevie I'm gonna come doon yours and cut ya hedge into the shape of 5-1.... Nee need to thank me big lad xxxx
  5. Again thanks for the feedback on this, If it doesnt achieve anything and we dont sign sufficient players then we will take the protest one step further lads, But for now we need to be civil and try and find out what this man is all about, i think one letter wouldnt certainly be laughed at, But if there's thousands of letters going through the st james park doors they have to act on it. All im asking is send one letter, email or fax. It isnt much to do if just if he responds to it!
  6. If it comes to nothing then it comes to nothing, But we need to try something. Thanks for the help lads, If you can get others to do so then please do. Something needs to be done, It isnt fun anymore going to watch Newcastle!
  7. Lads thanks for the feed back, And your more than welcome to change the letter with your own feelings, The more letters the club recieves the better, It's time to act!
  8. He could lend us it out of his piss-up fund Or maybe all the money he keeps losing at the casino eh!
  9. That snobby fat English buisness man wont have a football club when we get relegated and the crowds start dwindling and people actually boycott the club, But that ISNT what we want, The desired effect of this letter from all fans sending it in is a message to dip his fat hands in his fat pockets. Upto you lads if you want to help out or not. It's a worthy cause in my opinion, Isnt my letter it's a lad of TOTT but it's a start to getting what we want!
  10. Thats what we are trying to do, This isnt a protest as such it's a plea to invest in the team, If need be, Then a protest will be sorted after the Sunderland game and the transfer deadline has closed!
  11. We are sending this letter to the media aswell, And they will be told this has been sent to Mike Ashey by numerous amounts of fans, I have also emailed NUFC.COM AND NUSC hoping they will also put it up on the sites to try and get the letter out there for more ppl to send. You just never know how he might react to something like this. This is some publicity stunt on behalf of talkofthetyne, we are genuinely worried about relegation as i'd amagine you all are!!!!!
  12. Lads, There isnt time to change it, The transfer window shuts on the 2nd of feb, This needs to be put into action now, 1 quick email or letter or even fax surely wont take much time up of yourselves and could make one hell of a difference to how much Ashley spends between now and the end of Jan....
  13. Hello lads, I post on Talkofthetyne another Newcastle message board and we have been discussing over the last 2 days a way to get to Mike Ashley and it is simple really, We have come up with a letter that any toon fan can send, Via email, post or fax. There is already massive interest in this and people are doing it so if you lot can join in, and pass on the message to do so it would be a great help. Anyway, here's the letter... Dear Mr Ashley, Many of us, as committed supporters of Newcastle United, have been frustrated at what has been happening at St James’ Park. We love our cl
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