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Dentist for Allah?

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Dentist guilty in headscarf row

Omer Butt

Dr Omer Butt could have his licence revoked

A Muslim dentist has been found guilty of telling a female patient she could not register with him unless she wore an Islamic headscarf.


The disciplinary hearing of the General Medical Council heard that Dr Omer Butt constructed a "tissue of lies" to protect himself.


The patient said she was "humiliated and upset" after the encounter at the surgery in Bury, Greater Manchester.


Dr Butt could now have his licence to practise dentistry revoked.


The dentist denied the charges, but admitted he would ask Muslim women to cover up in accordance with Islamic law before he treated them and reducing fees to encourage patients to wear the headscarf.


Dr Butt, of Prestwich, Greater Manchester, was found to have "undermined public confidence" in the dental profession by discriminating against the woman - named only as patient A, a non-practising Muslim - in April 2005.


Giving evidence in his defence, Dr Butt said he "politely requested" the woman, a non-practising Muslim, to wear a headscarf.


He said it was "unlawful" for him, as a Muslim, to look at a Muslim woman who was not properly covered up.





It's hard enough to find a dentist these days without having to join a religion to do so. :icon_lol:

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