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Viduka: Newcastle could do a Leeds

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Mark Viduka has revealed he fears Newcastle 'doing a Leeds' and slipping out of the Premier League.


The Magpies striker was with Leeds when they were relegated from the top flight three years ago and he has contemplated suffering a similar fate with Newcastle during their recent winless streak.


Kevin Keegan's men slipped towards trouble after failing to win in 13 league games but their relegation fears were eased by a much-needed victory over Fulham on Saturday, with Viduka scoring the opening goal in the 2-0 win.


"There have been times when I thought it was going to be another Leeds," Viduka told the Daily Star.



"You've got to think like that because the situation we're in isn't the best."


Hopes were high at St James' Park last summer following the appointment of Sam Allardyce as manager, with Viduka's arrival from Middlesbrough one of several promising signings.


But things did not go to plan under Allardyce and he was replaced by Keegan in January.


Viduka admits the pressure on Allardyce affected the players, although he is now hoping the Magpies can build on the Fulham victory and haul themselves clear of danger.




"When I signed from Boro and a few other players came in, people expected things, but it's been very frustrating," he added.


"There were always whispers about the manager being changed and that's not an ideal situation. That shouldn't affect your performance but sometimes it does.


"At Leeds, nobody knew what was really going on and our performances were affected.


"I felt this was going to be a solid year at Newcastle, but it hasn't worked out that way, so everyone is happy to get this win."

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