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Every time I try to view an avi, wmv, mpeg you name it my media player freezes and it doesn't matter which player i download i get the same impact. This hasn't happened before so I don't understand why its happening now.


can anyone help me with this. its a reet pain in the arse because it knacks everything up and goes slow. ;)


I've got:

- adobe flash player 10 activex

- codec pack all in one - 1

- defilerpack 1.22

- VLC media player 0.9.8a


what do i need to stop this from happening? :lol:

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That's what you're looking for, try clicking through manually


I found it. There was no expansion from it like, in terms of the results that showed up on your computer displaying the avi controller thingy mebob what have yer...! I deleated it when I got to it.............probably shouldn't have, but as I say there wasn't any results as such...! :lol:

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