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  1. Great effort Kenedy was a breath of fresh air - lots to offer in attack as was Murphy when he came on. Could potentially start ahead of Astu Sunday. Joselu - honest to god, what a massive pile of dog shite he is...! I don’t know who he was praying too when he missed as I guarantee they would have been trying to reach down to wipe their arse with him...! Perez played as usual like an overgrown toddler getting knocked off the ball and Yedlin just looking average as per-usual. Sloppy goal to give away, but a nice piece of play for the header. The keeper stood no chance.
  2. Cheers! still young enough that me hair hasn’t done a runner yet, but just a bit worried about other places it’s spouting up....!
  3. Getting there, thanks mate. It’s good to see familiar names like yourself still knocking about. last time I was here I think my posts inspired someone that much that she worked to get into parliament....! ...I’ll stick around though
  4. Not so bad, thanks been away long enough. Just wish I was still in my early twenties from when I first joined....!
  5. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/908391/Newcastle-transfer-news-Atletico-Madrid-news-Kevin-Gameiro-Rafa-Benitez
  6. The Leftovers Channel Zero - Candle Cove - No End House The Strain All happy feel-good Tv shows....!
  7. Rip jon. Don't think I had the pleasure in meeting the fella, but certainly was a poster I valued on here. Life is far too short.
  8. So basically we'll never see any of them ever again....!
  9. Thanks I know you did Jill. I felt my heart sink and the tears roll down my face as I read those 7 well thought-out words ending with laughter. It's something I'll never forget when the odds were stacked against me....
  10. Cheers Cath pretty weird being called Boyo again I must say, but feels familiar besides being in his terrible two's he's doing great, thanks it's great seeing your little one doing so well too. I'll have to have a proper catch up with you lot soon.
  11. I thought being away for years and being older now I might not be targeted and he might have a new favourite.....
  12. Thanks for acknowledging my existence after the the 8 or so years of not being here..! I did start posting on NO the other day, but it became clear after I suggested that maybe wanting pardew murdered was a bit harsh, that their clique became erect with hormonal emotion to target me with photoshopped abuse....! :/ I think I hurt Dave's feelings too or he saw an opportunity to be down with the cool kids and joined in as I'd deleated my account. Wasn't really a knee jerk reaction, but more of a choice in not taking to their crack. Mind, Jill did defend me with a very emotional long thought
  13. Pardew's shite. Needs shot, preferbly by someone fickle
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