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Another racial murder

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Guest alex
attacks on anyone because of the colour of the skin, nationality whatever are just wrong


it helped that he was cousin to some footballers, but when was the last time you say white man racially attacked on the national news?  it does happen just it's not reported


In this case the police don't know what the motive was though, according to the report.

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Having just had a raial expiernece against me and whilst still being totally pissed, they well and trualy deserve whats coming. Some twat in the takeaway took offence to me asking a member of staff what he thought was the best thing on the menu. twatboy (aka pakistani/indian gimp boy) then threatened to beat me up and left the takeaway. Whilst i hold no grudge against any race in general, behaivior like that aint helping any prejudices i hold. Its certainly damaged my view of pakistanis/indians from one person who would've taken my eye out had i not been wearing glasses....



I think I know him. :D


Joke! Bad form that. I wouldnt let it 'colour' my view of an entire ethnic group though.


And on a practical note, stick with Abduls on Wilmslow Road. Anything your side of Upper Brook Street is asking for trouble anyway. Gunchester tbh.

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