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max ram useage

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I just found out that : `the maximum RAM limit for 32-bit Windows 7 editions is 4GB`


which was a huge shock that its so low.


I dont understand why its so low! ANyone happen to know why there is a limit on how much ram the os can see? some techy reason?


Yes linux wont have this limit, but I want a pc to run Everquest and cant be arsed to jump through wine hoops.....


Never used a 64bit OS before. Probably harder to run older software on it?


Any exp of all this?

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Linux will have the limit (unless you have a pae built kernel but that's not exactly a great workaround either), the issue is 32bit not the OS.


2^32 = 4,294,967,296 bytes 4,294,967,296 / (1,024 x 1,024) = 4,096 MB = 4gb

where as 64 bit is 2^64


this includes videocard ram and 4gb is ample to run a game + operating system on it won't max it out not even close

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let me be more specific.


I have a copy of win 7 32bit, to install on a `new` pc build. DOnt have the ability to get 64bit os atmo.


AM interested in loading EQ from ramdisk, to decrease zone loading times....a virtual world with ~100 zones


somethign like:




AN eqlite project has stripped out the bloat, and reduced the EQ folder to about 1.5 gig size. minimal ist version of the game.


Assuming a 1gig gfx card thats about 3gig minimum needed. Cant say how much ram win7 also takes up while the game is running.


am assuming that 4gig is pretty small to run said game from a ram disk.


I dont really have much exp of them, as genrally no one uses them on modern pcs (were popular back in amiga days)


IS there much variationin creating ramdisks ? or they all work the same way, and doesnt matter which software I use?


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