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how do I replace the chip on my mboard, so the comp can recognise more modern sata drives.


atmo it only sees sata 1 hard drives. anything else freezes it up. or maybe its the hdd size..... sata 2 drives tend to be 200gig+


I know theres a limitation on hdd size for older systems.


Think the mboard was made 2002? or so.


Dont think the company supported the board past 2005, so tehre isnt a software solution to his eg bios update.


How do i know which bios chips are compatible, with the board? never tried this stunt before.

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hmm i am sure ive seen mboards that have bios chips you can pull out.


let me get around to chking this board....tommmorw, or when i remeber )


afraid the board has only PCI slots ...its from 2002/3. will link model and manufac site wheni find it...


is reflashing the bios and upgrading firmware the same thing? never tried updating firmware before....that can be done on other gear too?

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cant see any relevant bios updates.


this is a differnt mboard from biostar, but you can see the bios chip has some sort of plug in thingy, its behind the 3 blue pci slots. same type on my mboard.




perhaps i should ask these folks?




might be less hassle to buy second hand biostar system that at least takes ddr2 ram ?> that should have sata2 controller....or have later pci slots?


lol atmo i boot this pc from an ide drive and run windows xp


I aslo edit a magazine....The Dyno Tymes....

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it arrived, havent played with it much so far.




trying to figure out which gfx cards it will take. Has a 250watt psu in it, which means many cards are overpowerd for it.


I have a geforce 7600 that will fit, but its a poor card. So searching for better....

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I didnt buy it for gaming.


Am involved in an online rpg, which has dated gfx....still 3d tho.




tbh am not sure wot differnce it makes , but tryiong to get card that runs min of dx10....dx11 would be ubber but not possible i dont think.


atmo game runs on dx9c.


am harking back to the pleasure of my teenage years, of squeezing the last remnants of a gigantic zit from my face.....pointless, but it feels great.


an eg of the graphics....



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managed to get a 300w shuttle psu off ebay for 10 quid. second hand though so bit gamble...doubt its been hammerd though, folk who make gaming rigs or overclock dont buy shuttles pcs!


anyway at least i have back up if the 250w blows up.




is this backwardly compatible? will it work on the motherboard i have, even at around 700mhz? (an overclocked 667)


am guessing the p4 cpu is running at 4oomhz x2. or should i only buy ddr 2 ram that runs at 800mhz......



OOPS! got links wrong way around.




assume this would work, but only run at 800mhz?


would have to change the cpu to get beyond the 800 limit? which might generate extra heat?

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